98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 810

Longterm follow up of transcleral fixated intraocular lenses

H. A. Fuchs, F. Lauer

Background: Transcleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lenses (PC-IOLs) in the absent of capsular support can be performed as a secondary procedure or primary in the event of intraoperative capsular complications. The trauma to the corneal endothelium in these cases can sometimes be significant.

Methods: We evaluated retrospectively 2 groups of patients who underwent secondary PC-IOLfixation either as transscleral or as sulcus fixation of the lens. Group 1: Transscleralfixated PC-IOL (n=10; Age 70.6± 8.7yrs.; Follow up 93± 10months); Group 2 sulcusfixated PC-IOL (n=7; Age 64 ± 11 yrs.; Follow up 111± 20 month). Both groups were examined for visual acuity (VA), endothelial cell count (ECC), Corneal topography and IOL-decentration.

Results: Group 1: VA was pre-Op 0.39± 0.36, post-OP 0.57± 0.37. ECC was on average 2016± 573/mm2, cell size was 556± 259µm2. IOL-decentration was 0.75± 0.35mm. Group 2: VA was pre-Op 0.32± 0.25, post-OP 0.78± 0.27. Average ECC was 1878± 297/mm2, average cell size 556± 259µm2. IOL-decentration was 0.34± 0.45mm.

Discussion: This study represent one of the longest follow up time (8-10 years) studied. Both groups are characterized by very stable functional results and corneal endothelial cell counts. IOL-decentration was in both groups comparable (under 1mm).

Universitäts-Augenklinik Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 400, D-69120 Heidelberg