98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 796

F6H8 as Endotamponade in PVR retinal detachments

N. F. Schrage, B. Kirchhof - The: F6H8 study group : D. Wong, J. v. Meurs, C. Dahlke, M. Macek

Introduction: Therapy of severe PVR retinal detachments is a common problem that has been slightly ameliorated by additional application of Daunomycin during vitrectomy. Reproliferations at the inferior retina with a lack of endotamponade cause these problems.

Methods: In a multicenter and prospective pilot study we applied F6H8 intravitrealy in 23 patients eyes suffering from severe proliferative vitreoretinopathy. F6H8 served as endotamponade and was removed after 76 ± 37.64 days

Results: We found a good endotamponade especially in the inferior retina at 14 inferior retinotomies. The eyes showed in some cases dispersion bubbles of F6H8 resulting in no adverse events. Especially in aphakic eyes endothelial contact was observed without any corneal clouding. No change in number and morpholgy of endothelial cells could be observed in such cases. In 2 cases of aphakic Eyes we had an angle block under open Ando Iridectomy. We removed the F6H8 immediately and after changing strategy with an 12 o’clock Iridectomy in aphakic eyes this did not happen again. Macula Pucker occurred 4 times and one periretinal proliferation occurred. 8 cases of redetachments occurred which were treated by SF6 gas or silicone oil endotamponade.

Discussion: F6H8 used as endotamponade introduces a new heavy fluid into surgical retinology, without the obstacles of the superheavy PFCL fluids. This substance especially tamponades the inferior retina very well. We face the new situation of a differential therapy of retinal detachments dependent on the grade of PVR and the main location of breaks. A multicentric study is set up to prove a possible benefit of special indications as described above.

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