98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

K 731

Phototherapeutic keratectomy in persistent epithelial erosiones

T. Richard, B. Schloßmacher, C. Redbrake

Background: Persisitent epithelial erosiones which do not show any healing under conservative therapy are a severe problem because of ulceration.. We have investigated PTK treatment in different diseases.

Patients: 20 eyes of 19 patients were treated with PTK. Erosio occured in 12 eyes after most severe eye burns, in 4 diabetic patients and 3 patients after pars-plana vitrectomy. One patient showed a severe sicca. Follow-up was 12 ± 14,7 months. In the burnt patients erosio was present for 136 ± 229 d, in the diabetic patients 44 ± 51 d and after ppV 17 ± 11d.

Results: The erosion healed in 14 of the 21 eyes. PTK was sucessful in all patients after ppV, in 8 out of 12 in severe eye burns and in 2 of the 4 diabetic patients. Healing time was 8 ± 6 d after PTK in ppV, 23 ± 20 d in burnt eyes and 63,5 ± 80 days in diabetic patients.

Conclusion: Our data suggest that PTK is a save and successful method in treating persistent erosions. Indication for this intervention should therefore be set earlier and more frequently especially after ppV and in burnt eyes. Prognosis in diabetic patients was less good.

Dept. of Ophthalmology, RWTH Aachen, Pauwelsstr. 30, 52057 Aachen