98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

VF 68

Explantation of a milky acrylate intraocular lense and implantation of the 602 A PMMA-intraocular lense (Rayner company) without complications

K.-M. Joerg, R. Trinkmann

Introduction: While implanting more and more foldable IOLs in cataract-surgery, the part of different types of acrylate IOLs is increasing. Due to this fast development of new products is the publication of reports of loss to the quality of the new materials. In this case a foldable acrylate IOL was changing in a milky appearance during the first 6 month after catarct-sugery in an outer ambulatory.

Methods: In this video-tape the smooth explantation of te milky acrylate IOL with viscoelastic protection will be demonstrated. Only a 6 mm inzision is necessary for a successfull procedure without complications. The implantation of the PMMA-IOL follows without any problems.

Results: The flexible haptic of the 602 A PMMA-IOL makes the implantation very easy und successfully. A special equipment and precaution are not necessary.

Discussion: Reflections about the explantation over a smaller incision after crushing the IOL were depraved. The risk of damaging the capsular bag, iris or the corneal endothelium seemed to big. And till today thereĀ“s no concrete idea for the reason for the changing of the IOL material, so that the implantation of the PMMA-IOL seemed to be the best solution in this case.

Department of Ophthalmology, Diakonissenkrankenhaus Karlsruhe, Diakonissenstr. 28, D-76199 Karlsruhe