98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 645

Recurring posterior capsular opacification after YAG capsulotomy in a patient with PMMA intraocular lens and asteroid hyalosis

S. D. Schulze, W. Sekundo

Background: There is less published about recurring proliferation of lens epithelium at the posterior surface of PMMA intraocular lenses after YAG capsolutomy.

Case report: In July 1999 we saw a 73 year old woman, who came in for vitrectomy due to asteroid hyalosis. The anamnesis showed a PMMA intraocular lens implantation in 4/94 (Allergan PC64CNB) due to senile cataract, besides glaucoma and asteroid hyalosis in the left eye. Preoperative vision was 0.4, postoperatively 0.5, interference vision 0.8. Three years later new referral due to one-year vision decrease down to 0.2. After YAG capsulotomy due to PCO in 3/97 there was a vision increase up to 0.5, stenopic 0.8. In 7/99 the vision was decreased once again to 0.3. We saw a PMMA intraocular lens centred in the capsular bag and a large central posterior capsulorhexis after YAG capsulotomy. A thin membrane of lens epithelium covered the posterior surface of the IOL. The re-rhexis of the recurring membrane with Nd:YAG laser achieved a vision increase up to 0.6.

Summary: This case shows a seldom recurring epithelial regeneration at the posterior surface of a PMMA intraocular lens after YAG capsulotomy. A connection with the asteroid hyalosis should be discussed.

Medizinisches Zentrum für Augenheilkunde, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Robert-Koch-Str. 4, D-35033 Marburg