98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 628

Development of an interactive web-based ICD10-database

H. Spallek1, G. Spallek2, O. Ehrt3

Background: ICD-10aug (v. 4.1) was developed as a differential extension of the ICD-10 classification by the Department of Ophthalmology at the LMU Munich. The main goal of the study has been the online publication of this diagnostic classification which can be used for clinical purposes as weil as for research purposes. In addition, a call for further fine-tuning suggestions of the classification and the thesaurus was made.

Methods: A database application provides concurrent user access as well as a keyword search. The application is accessible with any Web browser and by any operating system without installation of any additional software. The following software packages were used for the development of the Online-ICD-10aug (1997): a) database on UNIX Sun Solaris: mSQL 2.0.1; b) script language: Lite 2.0, c) Middleware between database and Web- front-end: W3-rnSQL, d) Web server: Apache/1.2.6, e) hosting at the URL www.dog.org/icd10.html. All search action were stored.

Results: The ICD-10aug database records were imported into the database including all diagnostic information and the thesaurus. The search results of each individual search (AND or OR - Boolean search) were displayed in basic HTML pages. In addition, a static HTML catalog was developed to provide a hierarchical search. Search tips help to use the application efficiently. After a brief pilot testing stage, the application has been running smoothly since March 1998. The Web page can be accessed from any remote location via the DOG hornepage. Until now, the Online- ICD-10aug has been used 3,681 times (as of 2/27/2000). Users searched 995 times for a combination of two keywords which were combined with Boolean operators.

Discussion: The provided interactive diagnostic classification can be used by any networked computer. The transfer of the four digits of the ICD-10aug complies with legislative regulations. The stored search actions are very helpful to facilitate the updates of the ICD-10aug and of the thesaurus.

1Dept. of Dental lnformatics, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Webmaster of the DOG, 569 Gerhard St, Philadelphia, PA 19128
Dept. of Ophthalmology, LMU Munich, Mathildenstra├če 8, D-80336 Munich