98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 622

Change of diagnostic and therapeutic demands and capabilities in ophthalmology for deployed forces

H.-G. Schäfer

Introduction: Since reunification the forces take part in operations abroad. The results of treatment have to meet German standards. The newly procured equipment for the ophthalmic surgeon which has been installed in a container is being matched with this demand.
Material: The 20 feet ISO-container for the ophthalmic surgeon which is one of many belonging to the field hospital shows a usual ophthalmic work layout; equipment necessary for ophthalmic ultrasound, computer-aided static perimetry, electrophysiologic examination, cameras to document pathological findings or angiography, however, is not included. The equipment for the operation theatre comprises several sets for surgery of the anterior segments as well as a microscope and devices for cryosurgery and vitrectomy.

Results: In combination with prepared infrastructure of a camp the container for the ophthalmic surgeon with its built-in equipment being ready to use will allow to commence operations rapidly and features constant and standardizable conditions for examination. The reduced equipment causes diagnostic problems, e. g. with opaque media after trauma sufficient findings cannot be made because of the lacking ultrasound equipment. In the operation theatre many surgical procedures of the anterior segments can be performed, phacoemulsification, however, is not one of the options, e. c. or i. c. extraction of the lens is required. In addition keratoplasty will not be possible. To perform vitreoretinal surgery a wide-angle viewing system has to be added to the microscope as instruments have to be completed. There is an additional need for argon laser.

Conclusion: Although the equipment has been improved considerably during the last few years it urgently has to be completed to assure that results will match those at home.

Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, ophthalmologic department, Oberer Eselsberg 40, D-89081 Ulm, Germany