98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

K 555

Correlation between the subjective visual vertical and the objective cyclodeviation in patients with unilateral peripheral vestibular lesions

T. Schmidt, K.-F. Hamann*, I.Hofmann*, M. Klopfer, J.-O. Kono Kono

Background: In patients with unilateral peripheral vestibular lesions is often to find a deviation of the subjective visual vertical (svv). Mostly the deviation is transitory and easy to compensate. Purpose of the study was, to find out, if there is a correlation between the deviation of the ssv and the objective cyclodeviation of the retina.

Patients and methods: 20 patients (10 female, 10 male, aged between 16 and 78) were inrolled. 19 patients suffered from vestibular neuritis, 1 patient from dissiminated sclerosis. Included were only patients with binocular deviation of the svv of more than 2°. The ssv was examined monocular in dark room . After pupil dilatation fundus photography was performed from each eye. The angle between papilla and macula was measured manually.

Results: We found good correlation between ssv and objective cyclodeviation.

Discussion: On the contrary of binocular measurement of the ssv we found good correlation between the monocular ssv and the objective cyclorotation measured with fundus photography. It’s not yet clear which part of the vestibular system is responsible for cyclodeviation. Because of our results we recommand the monocular measurement of the ssv in clinical examination.

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