98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

  V 541

Retinoscopy – multimedia learning program on CD

E. H. Roth, H. Ludwig, F. Schmitz, W. Werner

Introduction: Retinoscopy is a classic method to determine the refraction of the eye by observing the dynamics of reflexes and varying the experimental parameters until a specific reflex (neutralization point) is observed. Until now photos and geometric drawings of the different raytracings are commonly used in the specific literature to visualize the performing phenomena. We intend to use new media like video and CD-ROM to offer the studends a better understanding of retinoscopy.

Methods: With the aid of appropriate experimental device retinoscopal reflexes of artificial and human eyes are recorded on video. The Video sequences are converted in suitable computer files. Together with computer animations of the geometrical raytracings, text files and audio sequences they are embedded in an appropriate CBT-program.

Results: The systematically computer compatible prepared contents offers a modern individually controllable method to perform the instruction programme by multimedia. CBT-Program and the specific files are burned on CD-ROM or could be distributed on the internet. A collection of concrete retinoscopal records of patients partly with extraordinary reflex phenomena is added.

Discussion: Video and animation are matching the dynamic phenomena on retinoscopy better than photos or drawings. They offer a more direct basis for understanding of the partly difficult processes of retinoscopy. The collection of recorded reflexes offers also the direct visualised experience of particular patient findings such as the appearance in context of implanted spherical and aspherical intraocular lenses or the irregularities of the optic system of eyes with keratokonus.

Augenarztpraxis Dr. Dr. E. H. Roth, Beethovenstr. 1, D-40233 Düsseldorf