98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

V 533

A comparison of the worldwide existing vision screening programmes for amblyopia and other visual disorders in children

A. Neugebauer, M. Reier, S. Schlichtherle, J. Fricke, W. Rüssmann

The current screening programme for visual disordes in children in Germany is often critizised.

As well regarding the qualification of the examiners as the tests that should be performed in an ideal model there is an ongoing discussion. Medical and economic considerations have to be taken into account.

This study was designed to find out which screening strategies are realized internationally and whether the established programmes are analyzed for efficacy.

Especially the strategies in the countries of the european community should be compared.

By a questionnaire 183 of the member countries of the WHO were addressed. The questionnaire asked whether a screening programme exisists, whether the participartion is voluntary or obligatory, at which age the examination takes place, who examines, which examinations are performed, where the examinations are performed and which further procedures take place in positive cases. Furthermore it was asked for costs and efficacy of the models.

Universitäts-Augenklinik Köln, J. Stelzmann Str. 9, 50931 Köln