98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

V 514

Results after one-year of treatment with controlled cyclophotocoagulation

J. Wahl1, K. Odum2, S. Schmickler2, R. Gerl2

Background: Controlled cyclophotocoagulation (COCO) utilizes the time dependence of optical transmission of the coagulated tissue in real time to control the dosage.

Material and methods: Glaucoma patients, who could not be treated suf-ficiently by antiglaucomatous medication and in which a surgical treatment did not seem to be promising (any more) or even risky, were treated by COCO and followed up for at least one year. Most of them had undergone eye surgery at least once. We documented the postoperative extent of anterior chamber inflammation by a Laser Flare Meter, the intraocular tension and the amount of antiglaucomatous medication.

Results: One year after treatment in 30% of the eyes the intraocular tension was well regulated. In mean, postoperative tension was 24% below the preoperative value. There was only little postoperative anterior chamber inflammation. Severe complications did not occur.

Discussion: The reduction of intraocular tension, the reduction of the amount of antiglaucomatous medication and the absence of serious com-plications seem to justify an extension of COCO indication also to cases with less serious glaucoma disease.

1University Eye Hospital Mainz, 2Eye Hospital Ahaus