98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

P 363

Prognostic value of sensory tests in glaucomas with progression of optic nerve damages

F .K. Horn, W. Budde, P. Martus, A. Bergua, A. Jünemann, M.Korth

Introduction: Aim of this study was the comparison of psychophysical and electrophysiological tests in two groups of "preperimetric" glaucoma patients ( one group with no glaucomatous alteration of optic nerve in the observation period and one other group of patients with progression of optic disc atrophy) in order to judge the prognostic value of the tests. Subjects: 117 "preperimetric" glaucoma patients (glaucomatous optic disc atrophy, elevated introcular pressure, no visual field defects) were divided in two subgroups: 76 subjects (Gl) with no progression of glaucomatous optic disc damages in the course of this study. 41 subjects (G2) with progression of glaucomatous optic disc damages in the observation period ( decreaese of the neuroretinal rim area or newly developed disc hemorrhages). 98 age-matched normal control subjects (N). Methods: Perimetry and papillometry (up to 8 determination in 6 years). Temporal contrast sensitivity (tCS, measured in the fullfield), spatio-temporal contrast sensitivity (stCS with pattern reversal stimulation), peak time of blue-on-yellow- VEP , and amplitudes of pattern-reversal ERG have been measured in the first determination of each person and analyzed in the end ofthe study (T-Test). Results: Comparison of sensory test results in three groups.




VEP [ms]

ERG [m V]


1.53± 0.16

1.92± 0.13

116± 8,2

3.5± 1.1


1.37± 0.22 **

1.86± 0.13 *

120± 9.3 *

3.6± 1.3 n.s.


1.30± 0.26 **

1.82± 0.16 *

122± 11 *

3.0± 1.0 *

G1vs G2





**: P<O.OOl; *: P<O.Ol; n.s.: not significant

Discussion: In comparison with normal subjects contrast sensitivity tests and VEP are significantly reduced in patients with constant optic disc classification and a group with additional glaucomatous changes in the follow-up. ERG shows significant differences in comparison of controls and patients with progressive optic disc findings and in comparison of both patient groups. This indicates predictive value ofthe pattern ERG.

Supported by: DFG (SFB 539)
Univ.-Augenklinik, D-91054 Erlangen, Schwabachanlage 6