98th Annual Meeting DOG 2000

R 112

Astigmatic keratotomy for high astigmatism after perforating keratoplasty

A. Scharrer, M. Ober

In 112 patients with high astigmatism (between -5 and -20 dpt.) after perforating keratoplasty and after removal of all sutures astigmatic keratotomy (AK) was performed.

All procedures have been carried out on the donor cornea as curved paired T-cuts with an optical zone of 6,5 or 7,0 mm. The incision depth was 85% (max.) of the corneal thickness measured at the incision site.

In nearly 30% of the cases an additional procedure (compressing sutures or lengthening / deepening of the incisions) was performed.

The results show an average reduction of the resulting astigmatism by approx. 70%.

That means much better visual acuity for the patient with and without correction and in many cases the end of functional monocular vision.

Indications for AK, variations of the surgical technique as well as possible complications will be discussed.

Augenklinik, Moststraße 12, D-90762 Fürth